Dating Mistakes – 5 Turn-Offs For Men

Dating mistakes

What are the 5 dating mistakes? Unappealing, disturbing, frustrating, cringe-worthy, gross, disrespectful, inappropriate, disgusting. I bet when you listen to these words in relation to dating you think about other things. Things like someone’s smacking their mouth when they eat or kissing you after stuffing their mouth with garlic.

But have you ever thought of the other things that are considered horrible and disgusting to men. There’s many things that make men’s skin crawl and make them never ever want to date a woman ever again. In fact you might have a few things that disgust you about men.

This is not about superficial things, like her hair swirling on the wall surfaces of the shower or wearing a face caked full of makeup.It’s things that mostly all high-quality men can not stand but would never ever inform you to your face. He may also be out the door before you realize that these things are a problem. So what are they? Here are the 5 typical dating mistakes that men find disgusting.

Your Addicted To Her Phone

Nowadays this is a pretty typical behavior among men and women. Being addicted to your phone isn’t great for a variety of reasons. In a dating scenario it can be really harmful. Picture going on a date and the person you’re with greets you and afterwards sets their phone down on the table. As you’re speaking he casually touches the screen to inspect his e-mail. Right away you begin to ask yourself, does he think that I’m dull?

When it comes to dating men and women are trying to find somebody who wants to enjoy special moments with them. Who can make them feel special when they’re together. This is exactly how you develop a emotional connection that exceeds intimacy. It’s very important if you want to remain in a committed relationship. The reality is that our phone is a distraction, it allows us to escape the inevitable tension that arises from the masculine, feminine dynamic.

That tension is powerful and it is very important to a relationship. It’s difficult to built intimacy and connection with any one if you’re frequently texting or scrolling through news or social media sites. It’s one of the fastest ways to avoid real human connection and on top of that it’s a drug. Social media companies are known to use behavioral psychology to try to set off dopamine in your brain and you need more and more of it. 

High quality men are typically the men that have the ability to prevent immediate rewards and invest in a lasting benefit. Why don’t you take the same approach? Try to stay in the moment, staying present even if you have that physical need to escape into your social media world. The stronger that you can practice being present the more that man can feel that presence with you. This is a cold anti-social behavior and one of the worst dating mistakes. I mean, why bother being with someone then? 

dating mistakes

Keep The “Passion Alive” (The Wrong Way)

No one likes it when a person picks a fight with them for no reason. This has a lot to do with insecurity. Sometimes women and men pick fights with their partner as a way to create a connection. They start fights because they want to keep the relationship fiery and passionate.

When things end up being too stable they mistake the peaceful stability for being boring. They will start fights to trigger passion in the relationship. It’s very unhealthy, you want to stay clear of being seen like this. Even healthy relationships go through ups and downs but you don’t want to be the source of pain in your relationship. The man that you’re dating is eventually going to recognize any toxic behavior and want to separate himself from it.

Creating a fight to make sure the person you’re dating cares it’s not the solution to your relationship distress. If you feel like spicing  things up focus on creating significant moments with them. That could mean going on a date to a place with breathtaking scenery. Or do something physical challenging together like rock climbing or hiking. Maybe you can take him on an enchanting surprise outing that he would not expect.

dating mistakes


Insecurity in the relationship simply means that the women a man is dating is always looking to him for some type of reassurance. Reassurance that he still likes her and wants to be with her. If he’s showing you with his words and actions that he wants to be with you there’s no need to ask him or to nag him regularly. Insecurity is the biggest passion killer when it comes to dating mistakes. 

When we approach relationships out of fear we can not be the confident, loving, giving companion that we need to be. The highest value relationships are the ones where people do not need to be with each other to survive. Rather they’re choosing to be with each other to grow. If he wants to invest some time with his friends or do his own thing don’t right away resort to the worst-case scenario in your mind.

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It’s important to be confident in yourself to ensure that you’re not frequently counting on your partner to make you feel good regarding yourself. When you understand that you’re a remarkable, smart, beautiful woman you won’t question his feelings about you. You’re going to be thinking, well this man is fortunate to be with me he would be a fool to let me go. If he does that well I would want to be with him anyway. I just want someone who loves me increasingly and appreciates all the terrific things that I give.

Maybe you feel insecure in your relationship because your boyfriend makes you feel that way. He’s hot, he’s cold and sometimes he’s into me and then he ignores me. Sometimes he’ll be angry and patronize me or neglect my feelings. If that’s the case then that’s not the type of guy that you want to be with. You want to be with somebody who treasures you and shows you love with their words and actions.

Being with your partner should make you feel a sense of tranquility. You know that he’s there for you, that he loves you. Do not stay in a relationship with a man who makes you feel insecure and also do not be insecure in a relationship if he does not give you that reason to be.  Often it is very important to simply stop, take a step back and wait a day before responding or reacting. Because occasionally just a day allows you to get a little bit more clearness on what’s actually taking place.  



The most dedicated considerate man are not going to appreciate the excitement and enjoyment of gossiping about others. There’s a few reasons these guys will not tolerate this behavior. First of all high quality men are way too interesting and passionate to waste their valuable time talking about other people’s failures or challenges. They have their own stories that they’re more interested in discussing or living.

Second when your cup is filled and you’re happy and fulfilled you don’t want anyone  to suffer. You do not want them to suffer in life and you certainly do not want to be spreading unfavorable or embarrassing information about anyone else. The best question you can ask yourself is, am I being helpful to this person by sharing this details. Is it helping them or hurting them? Am I alright if this person discovers what I’m saying regarding them.

Lastly smart guys knows the truth about gossipers.  If someone’s going to gossip to you they’ll gossip about you. Your guy doesn’t want your mother, sibling or friend knowing if he’s having an issue in the bedroom. Or if there’s a humiliating story that make him look bad. He’s trusting you with his secrets, he’s being susceptible and hoping that you’ll value his privacy. Men want a woman that have our back and are going to sustain us, not character assassinate us.

Preferably you can look him in the eye and take care of the problem as opposed to speaking with other people about it. If the man that you’re dating overhears you talking negatively about him to others, you will have broken his trust. He might never view you in the same way again. It could make him examine if he really wants to continue being in a relationship with you.


Continuous Complaining

This might seem obvious. Men want their partner to be a source of light, positivity and fun in their lives. If the woman that they’re dating complains or takes a situation that they may be excited around and points out a negative light it’s a turn-off.  High quality men are typically trying hard to impress the women they love.  They intend to be seen as a protector, as a hunter and provider.

So if a guy goes out of his way to treat his partner by taking her out to dinner and she goes wow the service is slow, this wine isn’t good the meat bland and so on. He’s going to think why am I bothering, it’s not appreciative. This might seem obvious but the big idea here is truly important. It’s about being with a person that helps you to see the great in life It has to do with being with somebody that helps guide your thoughts and actions in the direction of what’s useful versus what’s useless.

If it comes to be a daily occurrence where one partner is bringing the other down or pointing out all the negative, that’s a difficult thing to handle. As they say, misery loves company and also what every guy does not want in their life, its misery. As humans our feelings can affect others. When you’re in a great mood being around someone that’s complaining, it just turns a great opportunity into an frustrating moment.

If you have something that you’re miserable with and you’re grumbling about it in and out. He’s going to start thinking about what your general lifestyle is like and the emotional state that you spend most of your time in. High quality people want to surround themselves with successful individuals who are being grateful regarding life.  Who are proactively taking on difficulties rather than complaining or avoiding them.

It is essential to adopt a positive action-oriented mindset so when you’re around other people you’re making them feel rejuvenated and energized. Now that you know the  5 dating mistakes that men find disgusting you can work on avoiding these behaviors. You can also look for these behaviors in partners that you want to be with.


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