First Date Tips – How To Be Fearless

First date tips

These first date tips are not as complicated as you might think. To many people this may come naturally. To other people this will take some practice, trail and error but after awhile you’ll get the hang of it.  Does the following scenario sound familiar to you?

As you prepare for your first date you’re already launching into a full-on panic. You tear clothes off the hangers, you toss them on your bed. Every few minutes you feel like nothing looks the way that you want it to. You text your sis saying maybe I ought to simply cancel. While you drive to the restaurant your fingers are dancing on the steering wheel. You can feel your hands start to sweat. By the time you make it there you’re not even sure if you should leave the car or simply knock the gas and  drive in the opposite direction. Once you work up the courage to go inside you choose the handshake and he goes with the hug. The two of you nearly bumped each other.

You want to simply climb under a rock. You can’t find the right words or motions and you get a home feeling. Defeated you think I may also just get a few pet cats and accept that I’m going to be alone forever.  If you’ve ever  felt this way throughout a first, you’re not the only one. Several women and men around the world are terrified for that first date. They second-guessed every move before they make it throughout and after the date. In this article I’m going reveal first date tips on how to be fearless.

Top dating tips for women

Who Is That Wonder Women?

I don’t know if you are familiar with Gal Gadot? Gal became famous throughout the world for her role as Wonder Women. Although she does an excellent job exemplifying this powerful fearless women in the movie, she exhibits these same attributes in a reality.

We’re going to cover 3 main traits that she displays which you can use on your first date to place yourself at ease. These are truly going to help you put your best foot forward and make men see you as someone that they want to go out with again.  Here is how to become fearless on a very first day. You can apply these same first date tips to any kind of social circumstance where you’re experiencing fear.

Laugh At Yourself

Number one of first date tips is, laugh at yourself. The actress Gal Gadot is a great example. Her most likable qualities is that she has the ability to make fun of herself. This also makes everyone around her feel comfortable and see her as a person who’s realistic and confident. She’s constantly got this brilliant smile and a huge laugh even when people tease her.

Since she is from Israel and English isn’t her first language occasionally she has problem understanding people when they talk or she gets mixed up and says the wrong words in English. People continually tease her about this in interviews and just watch how she keeps her cool. It would  be so  easy for Gal to become  ashamed, shy or unpleasant when people poke fun at her. She does not let this bother her instead she makes fun of herself which makes people find her relatable and and heartwarming.

Due to the fact that she can laugh at herself it shows that she’s comfortable. When the person that we are with is comfortable and confident with themselves, it puts us at ease. The same principle applies on a very first date if you want to be fearless you need to be able to laugh at yourself. When you make blunders or do something silly instead of being ashamed and embarrassed join in on the fun and laugh along with him. Watch the video below about Gal easy going nature and not taking herself too seriously.

From the beginning there’s going to be times when you screw up or you say something awkward. You’re human and that’s totally normal. It’s all about how you recover that’s going to define the way he remembers you. If you get flush with embarrassment he’s going to think, wow she’s truly anxious and afraid. She’s must be trying very hard to impress me. It immediately decreases your worth in his mind.

When your able to laugh at yourself no matter what goes wrong he’s going to see you as a person that’s pleasurable to be around. A person who’s confident in herself. Also a person who does not need the recognition from others which is deeply attractive.

Be Up For New Experiences 

Number two of first date tips is to try new experiences. The more you can the better. Being fearless on the first date requires more than just having the ability to laugh at yourself.  Gal Gadot  has other qualities that you can implement that’s going to help you impress the person that you’re on a date with. This trait is being up for new experiences.

She’s always up for trying something new. You can use the same up for anything attitude on your first date to show the guy that you’re saying that you are fearless. If he wants to go indoor rock climbing and you have you haven’t done it before, tell him that you’re up for it if he’s willing to show you the ropes. If you panic when you’re in the middle of climbing you’re going to be revealing a vulnerable side of yourself.

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However if he’s a high quality man he’s going to be wowed that you took the time to try something new with him. He’s going to like to see this prone side of you and enjoy that you’re open to trying new things. Most men are trying to find an equivalent partner that can go on adventures and keep up with them. This does not mean that you have to be a pro at whatever he does. Do not hold back from trying new things since you’re afraid of them. Let the man you’re dating serve as your guide when it comes to trying a new experience.

first date tips

You may just end up loving whatever you trying and he could end up falling for you due to the fact that you trusted him enough to lead the way and also made the effort to turn up. Consider all of the chances that you could be missing out on by saying no. To show your date and yourself that your fearless. try saying yes a bit more. Try some new foods, some new experiences, some new activities.

Do things that push you beyond what you’re use to. This is exactly how you show the man that you’re dating that you’re exciting and that you’re fun and up for adventure. This is how you differentiate yourself from other women.

Tell Good Stories

Number three of first date tips are to to tell good stories and be passionate about it. This tip is something a lot of celebs have mastered. It’s really going to help you while your on a date.  Remember, Gals first language is not English so she does not always understand how to make use of the right words. Sometimes she gets tripped up but still can tell fascinating stories. If you struggle with telling stories or English isn’t your first language do not stress.

Let’s review some of the techniques that Gal makes use of that truly draws people when she’s talking.We’ll use this meeting with Jimmy Fallon. The first thing I want you to observe is exactly how she begins the conversation. Although you can’t see Jimmy you can see Gal mirroring him with her eyes and her body language.

When you mirror somebody you get in their same energy you imitate their motions, their vocal tone, their quantity, their cadence of talking. If this isn’t natural to you it’s all right simply try observing people when they’re talking. Take a look at them and you’ll see that they’re literally mirroring each other.

In this interview Jimmy asks Gal about auditioning for Wonder Woman. The secret to storytelling is that there needs to be a big transformation. There has to be a big adjustment of some kind. Observe just how Gal begins the story out with simply how difficult it is to land an audition. She sets up the story of the lead character which is her, by outlining the obstacle or the unlikely probabilities that she might ever land a big movie role.

Whenever you tell a story it’s helpful to set the stage. Explain why the story is so significant or powerful by setting higher stakes or giving even more reasons that the listener should be intrigued in something. You can do that by showing how you beat the odds. Just watch Gal’s body language as she chats, she typically uses her hands to express herself.  She laughs, she smiles, she keeps eye contact with the person she’s talking with. It’s really useful for you to apply this kind of body language when telling stories on the first date.

Top dating tips for women

See to it you’re looking your date in the eye, make sure that you’re smiling and laughing. It can be nerve-racking to keep eye contact and it’s easy to look at the table or to inspect your phone. It’s so important to find out how to do this, making eye contact it shows the person that you’re present and interested in them.To be fearless on the first day you should tell stories about your life and your experiences. The story should paint you in a good light but they can still be silly and funny.

Not only does Gal use terrific body language to clarify her story but she pokes fun at herself. This grounds her and makes her likable since she’s successful and yet humble. By telling great stories on the first date you’re going to captivate his interest and make him want to find out more about you.

If you worry regarding doing this right, don’t worry about screwing up, don’t worry with having an awful first date. You can have fun and not stress over making everything perfect. Just try to improve and don’t worry about making mistakes. The more that you can survive these dates the more empowered you can be.  Because ultimately it’s through getting through painful or challenging experiences that make  us more powerful.

Now you know the three first date tips that you can do to be fearless on a first date. You can use this recommendations to make men see you in a different light.  From the very first time that they meet you they’re going to be thrilled with just how comfy you are with yourself and the way you’re open to try new things. 

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