Health Benefits Of Fasting – I Bet You Didn’t know This

What happens when you fast? In this article you’ll uncover an in-depth look at what’s taking place to our bodies when we’re fasting and all the health benefits of fasting. When most people consider any type of fasting they think of it in the way of losing weight. They think of it in the way of reversing insulin resistance. However what they don’t think about it, is how it can have a profound impact on your entire body. It can also help in reversing many problems that you might be facing.

Fasting is most likely to have a profound impact  at not only a cellular level but also it’s going to change the way that your organs are functioning. Potentially it is going to safe your life if you’re a person who’s prone to cancer and cardiovascular disease and many things that people are dying from today. That’s why I want to share with you what the health benefits of fasting are.

Changes At The Cellular Level

It’s going to make changes to our body at a cellular level First thing it’s going to do is to go and start breaking down the white blood cells. The process of autophagy kicks in. This process gives our immune system the ability to reset.

There’s lots people that are experiencing autoimmune problems. Whether you’re talking about things like thyroid conditions or arthritis a a lot of people have serious autoimmune problems. Most times when these autoimmune problems flare up they go to the doctors. They’re getting steroids, they’re obtaining all kinds of different things but what they actually need to do is they need to reset the immune system. They have to calm the body down. Fasting is an amazing way to do it.

When you start fasting you’re going to get those  white blood cell break down. You’re also going to see the body kick in and start a stem cell based regeneration process.  This is how you reset your immune system. If you’re someone who is finding that you’re coming to be  more sensitive to foods and things around you. 

If you’re coming in contact with different exposures to different foods, chemicals, whatever and you’re continuously having flare-ups what you want to do is to utilize fasting to reset your immune system. Fasting it’s going assist with increasing those stem cells, get that regrowth going and it’s going to reduce inflammation. When you decrease inflammation you really are offering your body the opportunity to thrive.

A lot of these conditions are just ruining people’s lives. When we look at cancer, heart problem, they all start with a chronic inflammatory issue. When you use fasting you begin dampening that inflammation, it’s very powerful. Fasting can actually save your life.

Fasting is extremely effective for staying clear of all these chronic conditions and also resetting your body immune system. Kicking in that autophagy process the longevity you name it.

health benefits of fasting

Liver Health

There’s a lot of people that are dealing with problems like fatty liver. One of the things that’s wonderful about the liver is this a very regenerative organ. No matter how bad your liver health is you always want to focus on improving it. When we’re fasting it’s going to focus on healing, repairing and detoxing. This is one of the best health benefits of fasting because your liver is an important organ.

The liver is the organ that supports all other organs. It’s detoxifying the blood it is doing so much to get rid of toxins and harmful waste from your body. The liver is exceptionally important. When you’re fasting it gets an opportunity to sort of relax and do the job it’s intended to do. It’s going to have the capability to detox and flourish. The other thing that’s going to occur when you’re fasting is you’re going the have the ability to get rid of those fatty deposits.  So it’s going to improve your liver health and fasting is great for that.

When we talk about all these different abilities that fasting has on your body in order to boost your health, they’re all going to happen at different time-frames. For example if your intermittent fasting you’re truly going to get  some minor positive health benefits. If you’re doing one meal a day it’ll increase a bit more.

When you’re doing a three-day or seven day water fast you’re going to get the full-blown positive impact. Especially when it concerns liver health it’s most likely going to be right around those three day fasts that are going to have a positive impact on your body. 

Fat Loss, Ketones & Glycogen

It’s truly a fantastic tool for weight loss.What’s going to happen when you’re fasting? This is one of my favorite benefits of fasting. You’re going to burn through your glycogen stores. This is one of those abilities that just a 16 and also 8 fast will offer you. It’s normally like 10 to 12 hours that it will take to burn through your glycogen stores.

You’ll hear people mentioning different hours, 18 hours and 24 hours whatever it is. The reality is it actually relies on the individual. Like your physical activity, are you exercising? What’s your diet like? Are you in your eating hours, are you eating a really low quality, high sugar, high carbohydrate diet?

You’re going to burn through your glycogen stores and you’re going to stop using glucose. The body is going to stop using that sugar for energy. As a result you’re going to enter into the state of ketosis. Your body’s going to turn into a fat-burning machine. You will run on these glycogen stores that stored sugar. Once they run out you go and you begin burning fat for energy and you’re going to melt those ketones. As you’re burning those ketones, it’s considered to be a cleaner fuel. It has lots of health benefits.

So if you’re shedding fat for energy you’re getting those ketones which are going to your brain. They’re very healthy for your brain. It’s an extremely efficient and healthy fuel for your entire body. Individuals who suffer serious problems, whether it be cancer, Alzheimer’s,  mental deterioration, epilepsy, no matter.

People thrive when they get their body in the state of ketosis and they get the benefit those ketones have to offer. Therefore you’re going to lose weight in a great way when you’re doing fasting. With intermittent fasting you’re going to get some terrific results. Doing the 16 and 8 one meal a day, you’ll get better results. Three day fast, 7 day fast, you’ll get even more incredible results.

health benefits of fasting

Metabolic Reset

Another one of many health benefits of fasting is it helps you to reset your metabolic rate. When we consider fasting in the profound impact it has on your metabolism it’s really amazing. There’s different kinds of metabolic hormones. The surface level once are, insulin, leptin and ghrelin.

Insulin is this hormone  that essentially is going to place the sugar that’s floating around in the blood stream into the cell. Leptin is the hormone that tells your body that you are full. If you’re eating your leptin is basically stimulated. It goes to your brain and says, “hey you’re full, stop eating.” Ghrelin is a hormone that tells you that you’re hungry.

Fasting is important for your metabolism and for hormonal balance. When we look at insulin. If your insulin level is shot through the roof and you’re constantly spiking your blood sugar it’s going to be really high. As a result it’s going to regularly store fat.  When we’re fasting it’s going to help balance it out. A lot of these people enter this adverse cycle where they’re just frequently boost up that insulin level.

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Fasting brings it down since it reduces your blood sugar level. It’s going to produce a lot of hormone balance and it’s going to create a reset. The other thing that leptin is necessary for is it’s going to tell you when you are full. If this hormone is not functioning properly it will start working in reverse. When leptin is efficient it’s telling you you’re full. When it’s not efficient it’s not telling you you’re full. If you get an imbalance in leptin you’re going to find that you’re constantly hungry. That is the negative feedback cycle that you get when you start eating a lot of carb and sugar. 

Fasting is going to help improve the sensitivity to these hormonal because it’s driving down inflammation. One of the things that happens with diabetics is that insulin isn’t heard. So insulin goes and put the blood sugar right into the cell. It knocks on the door to place the sugar right into the cell but then it can not get in. The cell receptors are inflamed and it just can not function correctly.

For leptin basically what’s going to happen is you frequently are going to want to eat because you’re not getting that signal that you’re full. Therefore we have a sensitivity problem that hormonal can’t be heard. If these hormones can’t be heard in they’re not functioning correctly you are most likely to spiral into a weight gain problem. Into  a problem where you’re just constantly craving more sugar and carbohydrates.

When  entering into the state of ketosis because of fasting, essentially what takes place is that all these hormones start to reset. They begin to lose all their cravings they were having and the body works a lot more effectively. You’re going to begin losing weight and you’re going to feel a lot far better. We intend to make sure that we utilize fasting to our advantage.

metabolic rate reset

Brain Health

Currently this is a large problem for a lot of people. There’s a great deal of people who are dealing with significant psychological disorders. When we take a look at brain health issues lots of people are suffering. Fasting can truly help dampen inflammation in the brain. It also can do a lot of other things.

Fasting will help increase brain drive neurotrophic factor. This is basically going to boost the healthy protein within the brain. This brain drive neurotrophic factor is really essential for neuronal fixing and the growth and repair of synapses. When we do fasting it raises BDNF. The  other thing that occurs when we fast is going to help increase mitochondrial numbers.

This is unbelievably vital for the increased ability to focus, learn and retain information. So fasting has a profound effect on the brain health. We definitely want to utilize it since a lot of individuals are experiencing psychological issues. 

brain health

Heart Health

Fasting is unbelievably powerful for our heart health. One of the things it’s most likely to do is it’s going to help lower blood pressure. It’s going to help reduce cholesterol, it’s going to reverse type 2 diabetes and lose weight. What is reversing type 2 diabetic  and weight loss got to do with heart health?

It has a whole lot to do with heart health. Since these are the 4 primary factors that generally determine whether or not you’re going to have heart disease one day.  If we can minimize these factors, then essentially we’re going to boost our heart health greatly. Fasting is also going to be  lowering inflammation.

The  other thing that we need to  know is, that when we have a chronic inflammatory issue as it relates to cardio health, it’s really important to make certain that we’re reducing it. This is due to the fact that if we have a chronic inflammatory issue and it’s creating an oxidation of all this cholesterol within our arteries.  Basically then you’re going to begin creating clots.

You’re going to have some significant issues, raise your risk of stroke, heart attack the whole deal. Ensure to use fasting in order to improve heart health because it’ one of the most crucial health benefits that works very well.

Gut Health

Gut health is a major issue for a lot of people as well and fasting helps with it. The gut health is unbelievably crucial for not just your gut for digestion for metabolism. Also for hormone health, sex hormones. For how your brain’s functioning the neurotransmitters in your brain for every aspect of your health. This is why many people find that their skin improves when they’re fasting. That’s because their gut health is improving, their immune system is resetting and as a result it really shows on the surface level and that is your skin.

It’s also going to help reset your gut microflora when you’re fasting. This is very important due to the fact that a lot of people get bacterial overgrowth. It triggers a lot of problems. Bacterial overgrowth triggers a break down in the gut lining. it triggers problems with enzymes. It creates issue with alkalinity This causes mass chaos in your gut.

The other thing that is going to happen is it’s going to help produce diversity in your flora. This is important due to the fact that a lot of people will have very non diverse floras and also it’s bad for gut health.  Say for instance, if you were going to do a gut test. You would find that if you took it before fasting and then you took it after a three day fast. It would show a major diversity. It also can help kill pathogenic bacteria.

gut health

A lot of people start to develop this pathogenic bacteria which is not good for our gut health. Fasting helps eliminate that pathogenic bacteria. The gut has an amazing ability  to balance. It’s diversifying and resetting that gut microflora while you’re fasting. It’s also going to repair the gut lining. People are grazing all day long. They’re eating 3 meals a day with a lot of snacks in between. It never gives your digestive system, your gut lining the chance to heal and repair. That’s why fasting is incredible for this. It also help decrease inflammation.

A lot of people have inflammatory bowel disease. They have many inflammatory troubles within the gut. It’s just causing mass chaos with their whole body.  Gastrointestinal cancers is supposed to be the number one killer of the generation coming up now. So we need to take that into consideration. When we take a look at all these different benefits that we get from fasting, we’re going to get benefits of intermittent fasting. Throw in a three day fast and then even a seven day fast intermittent fasting for a couple of times a year. 

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