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how to build confidence

The word confidence is derived from Latin. It translates with faith. With faith in a capacity in somebody or on your own. There are no right or wrong ways how to build self-confidence because right and wrong is subjective. Everyone gets on a different path. The tips I’m giving you are universal it’s most likely to help jump start your journey.

Confidence in self-esteem is not some mystical magical unicorn.  Indicating that either you got it or you don’t. It’s something that can be developed and learned.  When you start  making use of these tips in your life, people will be saying “Damn this girl knows her game.” Start your journey today by implementing the following to your life.

Exercise Your Brain

Remember that confidence is like a mental muscle. Like a muscle every person is born with it but not every one flexes it. If you want your muscle to grow stronger think positive thoughts. Particularly during times when you’re feeling down. Take a deep breath and remind yourself that life is too short and you get to make the best of it.

You want to have a healthy behavior of maintaining this mental muscle. However you also do not wish to overdo it. Everything in moderation, balance is vital.  It’s good to remind yourself every so often  how worthy and just how awesome you are but you also intend to leave room to grow and improve. We can all change and evolve for the better. How can you build confidence by exercising your brain?

Find your qualities as opposed to focusing on the negative. Concentrate on the positive and it does not need to be a physical thing.  Maybe you’re good at dancing or you’re a great pianist an impressive painter a singer. You make terrific grades at school. Nobody is perfect at everything and we’re all made to be perfectly imperfect. If you do not think you have a top quality just ask on your own this simple question. What am I good at?

Every person is good at something. If you don’t know what it is take this chance to find it. Register for cooking classes, painting courses, learn how to sing,  play some sports. Find a passion and nurture it since this helps on how to build confidence. It gives you something to do and pursue.

how to build confidence

Body Language

Once you feel great about yourself match it with good body language.  Pull yourself up and open up your shoulders. When I say open your shoulders do it with an intention to take more space.  Taking more space you’re revealing even more of yourself.

When you’re less confident you shrink, you collapse, you hunch and you become smaller. You do not want to be seen. That is not a  quality of a confident person. Make certain you’re not shrinking yourself. Walk big and tall. Show more of yourself. 

Dress Up

You will notice that dressing up well, ironing your clothes, a little bit of makeup and styling your hair will do wonders to your confidence. Constantly dress up well and look presentable. It adds that rhythm to your walk that echoes confidence. It’s got nothing to do with very expensive branded clothes.

confidence quote

Wear The Right Undergarments

How often have you seen them? An uncomfortable pulling, tugging, trying to look comfy in their undergarments. Not just women even men notice it.  If you know that your panty line is showing and you’re praying that no one will see it you’ve got to be kidding yourself.

If you’re putting on the wrong size bra, something that doesn’t fit you.  Maybe something that’s loose, the straps have lost elastic. It’s time to throw it out. Believe me or not everybody notices it. It will also show in your body language.

Slow Down

Monitor your action or your speech. If you go really quick you either come across as somebody that’s extremely anxious. Or as somebody who does not give value to what you are saying yourself. If you do not provide importance to what you’re saying how is anyone else going to.

Talking a little slower and you’ll realize just how engaging you sound. When you talk a little slower people comprehend you much better.  As a result they want to pay attention to you even more. The same goes for your actions.  If you’re too fast you come across craze jittery. 

It does not provide people time to see your content your beauty or your knowledge. It also makes them uncomfortable to be around you. 

Eliminate Negative People

When you surround yourself or have negative  people in your life they directly impact your confidence in a negative way.  Here’s the issue removing negative people. These unfavorable people or energy vampires are all around us.

They may be at work they may be at school they could actually even be associated with us. Does this mean that you may need to find a new relationship. Quite possibly, it is going to suck momentarily but in the future it is going to pay off in terms of your confidence. Surround yourself with people that makes you feel good about yourself and that makes you laugh. Positive vibes is a great way to build your confidence.

group of friends


There are different sort of smiles that can either make or break your personality. If you overdo it, it’s going to look fake and scary. Maintain it genuine, keep it simple and very subtle. Smile when you’re walking. When you listen to a person, when you’re speaking with somebody.

Maintain that as an all-natural part of your body language. Also squinch a little with your eyes. Squinching is when you draw your lower lip closer to your eyes. It looks far more natural than a wide eye smile. It most definitely includes that warmth to your smile. 

Stay Positive

If something is negative in your life it shows on your face. Any type of sadness in your mind shows on your face since your mind controls your face. However did you know you can actually reverse this game. Let your face be the leader here. Even if you’re sad, down and negative change your face expression.

Confidence quote 

Fake a smile. I know it will feel very abnormal. Listen to happy, upbeat music. That smile will start reflecting on your thoughts and they will certainly change. Just like a negative thought can change your expression and your face. Your face has the ability to change the expression of your mind. It’s a very effective tool. You ought to try it.

This is how to build confidence by tricking your brain that your positive and happy. When you keep on doing it every day it will become a habit. You will automatically start replacing negative thoughts with positive ones without realizing it. The way you feel inside will reflect to the outside world. This is why I say do not take that smile lightly. When your thoughts are positive you think positive about yourself.

If you see somebody looking at you, you think they’re looking at you for reasons. On the other hand when there is negativity you will think everyone’s looking at you for wrong reasons. Afterwards you begin going in a shell, you want to hide, you slouch, you want to look smaller.  This brings me to the next tips on how to build confidence.

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Compliment Others

How does it really feel getting a compliment? It really feels unbelievable It also feels amazing giving them. Here’s the intriguing aspect of compliments. When someone gives you a compliment you automatically like them a lot more. Follow along the person getting the compliment feels incredible.

You feel great for making them feel incredible and they actually like you more. The other benefit to offering compliments is that it helps you to develop your people skills. This results to confidence boosting and raised social expertise. 

Take Care Of Yourself

Do something good for your body every day. This may be go for a walk,  do 15 push-ups, 6 sit-ups. It doesn’t matter how much or how little. The fact is you need to consciously do something great for your body every day. This could be eating a salad with your meal rather than fries.

Although fries are delicious occasionally,  consuming them regularly may not  be the very best thing for your body or your confidence. When you start taking care of yourself there is a direct  impact on the way you  feel about yourself. Your self-esteem increases. Everybody sees and notices it. 

how to build confidence

Help Someone On A Daily Basis

You can’t imagine exactly how great you feel after you do something nice for somebody. Not because you get money, not because a bunch of other people see it.  It’s because you did something good and also it’s it’s incredible. It’s this thrill of endorphins. When you get that it simply feels unbelievable because you know you did something good. It’s also the confidence shot  like you would not believe.

Very Important Last Thoughts

Much like anything else how to build confidence would take some time to learn too. If you go to college you do not find out every little thing on day one. Love yourself and you know that this journey is not going to be very easy.

There’s going to be times when you’re want to give up.  You’re going to feel lost. You can not continue to walk further down this journey. You have to remind yourself that if you want to build self confidence  you need to stay positive. That’s the key.

There’s this quote that I really like and it goes, “Be like a proton and stay positive’. A positive mind will open extra doors. Do not just limit yourself to one path take as many as you need until you have reached your destination.When you’ve found your confidence appreciate it and savor it.

Also when you’re really feeling down bring that feeling back into your mind. Remind yourself that this is an attitude you own and  control.  You are all perfectly imperfect and at the end of the day this is what makes you unique.

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