Signs He’s A Player – Most Common Signs

signs he's a player

How to recognize a player. What are the top signs he’s  a player? Here are the exact and most common signs you need to look for to find a player.

He’s Always Protecting And Guarding His Phone

A player’s world revolves around he’s phone.  It’s where he organizes all his women and also where he keeps contact with them to make new dates.  If he’s overly protective of his phone, it’s one of the solid signs he’s a player.

On exception in the beginning a guy could be multi dating and also it might be the first or 2nd date. During this time you might be seeing other women messages appear on the phone. However if this is proceeding longer term, if he’s very protected over his phone, constantly placing it face down, it is a strong indicator that he is a player.

He Turns You On Big Time

It’s great to be turned on by the men that you’re dating. If you’re not seeing any one of the  other signs in this list, than this one doesn’t matter.  When we’re truly attracted and turned on to somebody, it can rather shadow our judgment regarding that person. If you’re seeing some other signs in this list as well, and also you’re truly, really sexually turned on by this person, it’s one of the signs he’s a player.

Signs he's a player

He Makes Plans Then Bail’s Out On You

So unlike a guy that’s straight out using you, a player may actually make some future plans.They will not be long term expanded future plans, yet he’s most likely to tells you what you want to hear. And that you guys are going to see each other in the following week or two. The issue is he never follows through. He’s smooth and charismatic regarding his reasons why cancelling. But there’s always some reason that those plans he made don’t wind up materializing. If a man is making plans all the time and not following through on them in the future with you, solid indication that he’s a player.

He’s Jealous Of You With Other Men

But avoids giving you full commitment himself. Does he play up and act amused or even envious when you talk about the men that you might’ve simply been around as friends? Yet when it gets to him discussing other women, he’s especially quiet. If so, it’s one of the sure signs he’s a player.

He Only See You When Sex Is Possible

To players everything are about the sex and controlling you into having sex. If he sees a circumstance where  he can not have sex with you, he’s most likely to flake on it.

signs he's a player

You Don’t Go Out Into Public Places

This applies, especially throughout the day. A player doesn’t intend to run the risk of being seen around public. Being seen with you when there’s going to be numerous other people that know him around his hometown and recognize what he’s about.

He’s most likely going to cancel dates to invite you to his home rather. Or possibly he simply he wants to hang out at your house. It’s highly unlikely if a man’s a player, he’s going to take you out throughout the day.

He’s Off Guard When He Runs Into You Unexpectedly

Players like to manipulate, they like to dominate. They always like to be in control of a situation. So if he faces you in public when he wasn’t anticipating to, that had not been exactly part of his tactical plan. It shows he’s not really thrilled to see you. So, if he’s acting strange when he faces you unexpectedly, it’s a truly strong indicator that the guy’s a player.

Sex Is One Way

Is the sex everything about him getting off without him meeting your demands? If so, this is an actual sign, that this person is a player.

He’s Mr Cool & Smooth When He’s With You, But Distant When He’s Not

So players will certainly make you seem like a million dollars when you’re with them. They turn you on, they make you want to jump them. They say all the appropriate things, however when he’s not with you, it’s a different tale. He does not get back to you all the time. He cancels or alters plans. He’s just plainly erratic and it takes your instinct that something isn’t right. He’s the incredibly smooth man when he’s with you, but none of that is regularly stood up when he’s not.  That’s one of the strongest signs he’s a player.

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He Gets Upset When You Confront or Discard Him 

Players to some extent are used to being confronted. They’re used to playing the game, but they’re also used to winning. As long as it looks like he’s winning, he’s going to be smooth as silk. However if a player begins to realize that he’s not winning. For example that he’s not going to get the sex that he wants and that he’s lost He’s going to get really resentful. He’s going to call you a waste of time, at the very least to himself and also to his friends. Possibly to you as well, and he’s going to disappear. Players do not like it when they’re not winning the game.

Well, that’s it. Thank you for reading. Those are most commons signs he’s a player, so next time you know what to look for.

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