Symptoms Of A Colic Baby-How To Cope With Colic

symptoms of a colic baby

Are feeling a bit powerless with your new baby? You can’t handle the constant crying anymore. I know the feeling.  For I myself had a colicky child. What are the symptoms of a colic baby? I didn’t know the answer until I had my first baby. I was to my wits and I was trying to find any type of help that I could get on how to relieve my fussy crying baby. Belief me I’ve tried everything under the sun.

So in this article I’m going to give you some pointers. Tips that can aid your baby to feel a bit more soothed  as you experience this colicky phase with your baby. I will help you by sharing a few of my expertise after having a colicky infant. If you’re feeling that you’re not a capable mother and you’re just truly having a hard time, don’t. Know that you’re doing the best you can do and that you’re remarkable.

Symptoms Of Colic

One in 5 infants will  have colic. Colic is when your baby is crying about 3 hours, more than three days a week, for 3 weeks straight. Colic can start at around a couple of weeks old and last to four months. In some cases babies have a tough time absorbing the healthy proteins that are in a formula or breast milk. That will certainly trigger them a lots of discomfort, and gas. That’s why they squeeze their hands, they cry non stop, they cringe and curve their back. Many doctors and experts still don’t know the exact cause of colic. There’s a lot more theories out there.

They remain in a lot of pain. It can feel like truly powerless for you as a mom or a parent when you can not aid your youngster. Especially due to the fact that you know that they are in distress. I’m going to go via a couple of tips that I have to assist calm your colicky child. There are a a lot of tips and I’ve tried all of these.

By going through this with my first baby, I’ve learned what the symptoms of a colic baby is. With trial and error I also discovered the best methods to coupe with colic.


Probiotics aided me in a big way with my baby. This is due to the fact that she does not have the correct gut health or gut bacteria in her tummy.  She needed the added probiotic to assist her do that. As soon as she was on it for a few weeks her colic definitely diminished  quickly.

Once it got into her system she was such a different little baby and it was absolutely incredible. So I highly recommend speaking with your doctor about putting your baby on a probiotic. Likewise if you’re breastfeeding for you to be on one also.

White Noise

Another excellent method to assist your baby  feel a little bit more soothed is to have white noise going on in your home. White noise is a great method because it imitates the womb and so it makes them seem like they’re still in your tummy. The sound of white noise makes them very comfortable and calm.


An additional great thing is to swaddle your baby. See to it that they are tight and cozy. When their arms are out it can make them feel really troubled and afraid. Again you want to be imitating the womb.

The first 3 months after your child is born they call it the 4th trimester for a good reason. This is where your child certainly is getting used to life beyond the womb. They definitely like to have things mimicking like being in the womb as much as possible.

Symptoms of a colic baby

Get Some Fresh Air

Something else you can do to help you and also  your baby is to just get out of your house. Place them in the stroller or place them in the car. Opt for a drive and just get a change of scenery.

For you psychologically as a parent as well as for your infant it’s just healthy to have a different change of environment. It can just really clear your mind. Generally the child will relax but often it does not. It’s still most definitely a good idea.

Make Use Of A Pacifier

Another terrific thing to cope with colic is a pacifier. It can actually aid in calming your child when they are getting difficult. The pacifier simulates nursing and  feeding. which in turn makes them really feel  guarded and safe. Just be careful that they don’t suck in too much air. Like I said before, this is one of the causes and symptoms of a colic baby.

Symptoms of a colic baby

Baby Swing

Another great thing to purchase is an baby swing. Babies like motion due to the fact that they’re so made use of to movement in the womb. If you have an baby swing this works actually very well as I know my little girl really loved this. She calmed down a lot when she was on her own. It was simply really extremely helpful.

Visit Your Chiropractor

An additional terrific thing that truly aided my little girl with her colic was the chiropractor. I realized that when she got adjusted she did so much better. The one thing I actually really did not know is that there are certain sorts of holds for your baby that can help them feel extra soothing when they have pain with colic and gas.

You can do the following – Have your infant cozy and swaddled. Put your baby face down and also hold their neck with your arm and put pressure  right on their tummy. This is really crucial and it really soothes them to have the pressure on their chest and their stomach. You can hold them similar to this and also rock them backwards and forwards. I found this truly useful with my daughter. See illustration below on  how to execute this technique.

Symptoms of a colic baby

Bicycle Method

Another great tip for relieving child’s gas is doing the bicycle kind of workout with your baby. This is when you take your baby’s legs and relocate them in a bike movement. Just like they’re riding a bike. From time to time you  to pull their legs straight out.

Being fairly gentle and then pressing them back onto their tummy providing it a little bit of pressure, not too much. . I found this really useful to relief a great deal of those gas bubbles that remain in their tummy. These gas bubbles are also one of the symptoms of a colic baby.  They’re going to blurt a lot of farts so they are most likely to feel a lot better afterwards.

Feeding Tips

Feeding has a lot to do with your babies colic and exactly how they get a number of gas bubbles and their tummy. See to it to burp your baby often.  Because when they are taking in a lot of milk they can absorb a bit more air. That triggers a lot more of those bubbles getting trapped in their stomach.

Another factor to take in mind is that you may need to alter some of your diet if you are nursing. Infants have a difficult time absorbing the milk protein that you get in cow’s milk, cheese, yogurt and all that stuff. You might just need to change your diet plan. That might be a big reason why your infant is having a lot of gassy problems.

Talk to your doctor. I’m not a medical professional and I’m not an expert. Make sure that you’re talking to them concerning these matters. Make certain you’re speaking to them because their viewpoint trump’s mine and they can assist you a lot more than I can.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day I know having a crying baby is so nerve wrecking for you. Some ideas I have for you as a parent is ask for help. This is so crucial. Even if it’s just for you to have a five-minute break from your crying baby. Leave the baby with your partner,  your grandmother, your mom or whoever. Simply slip away to give yourself a psychological break due to the fact that you require it.

happy cute baby

Ensure you have people that you can connect to as well as offer you some help. The good news is to keep in mind that this will certainly pass. Babies do not have colic forever and generally it’s gone by 4 months old. I can say this with confidence, this is definitely true. My daughter Sonei is among the happiest children. She is so easygoing and  happy all the time. It feels like a distant memory.

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